Richard Anderson
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Wow, I can't believe that this page needs to even exist, but you'd be surprise. Here's what simple things you could do.....

  • Treat us like the way you want to be treated, or how you treat others.

  • When you see us, don't focus on the disability, wheelchair, cains, walker, etc, those things are just things, they don't have
    our brains and personalities.

  • Think about where we came from to get where we are and want to be, chances are, we did the same thing growing up and in school as you did, with the same ambition of the America Dream with the skills to get there.

  • Be sociable with us.

  • Start asking your representatives why there are persons with disabilities living off the government for less then what they could make if they were working. And why are they abled and desire to work not working. And why aren't there reliable services to assist them in getting employment after the government paid for their higher educattion after high school?