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Here are some of my ideas that I personally think would hellp us be all we CAN be while it would help America to be a better country!

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First: The President needs to over-haul the ADA Law, it has done good, but it has so many loopholes that you could use it as a strainer. Things need to be added, deleted and changed in this law. In doing so, I suggest the President create a committee of persons with disabilities and people who works with persons with disabilities to build a better ADA Law for 21st century.

Second: The President, with Governors needs to integrate a 24/7 statewide transportation system that provides emergency “on-the-fly” rides for persons with disabilities in every state. Not only would this open up employment opportunities, it would give freedom, freedom to travel, freedom to spend money in other cities and states, freedom to attend our kids’ school activities and sports activities, and what if we get a call that they had to go to the hospital in another city, you’ll probably rush to the hospital, right? Shouldn’t we have that freedom as well? Yes, this will cost money, BUT, we would be willing to pay reasonable trip fares, and if we get jobs outside of the city we live in, sure, we’ll pay what other commuters with vehicles pay, and with the money the government will be saving AND making from people getting off of government assistance, some of that could be funneled back into this service, which would keep people working and paying taxes, which allows us to spend in other cities and states, which brings money back in the government which would be funneled back into this service. And eventually pay for itself.

Third: I would make sure that every single persons with disabilities which the government put through school to get an education and training to work, and who can and wants to support themselves has an equal right for employment, this would mean placing a supportive employment organization in cities with the highest population of adults with disabilities (cities with colleges, independent living housings, etc.). These supportive employment organizations would have job coaches that wuld assist in finding jobs, assist with the application process, assist them with the job interview, then after they are hired, and if they need it, the job coach would go to work with the client to assist in their workforce transformation, make sure they have what they need to do the job, to keep the job then fade out. Again, Yes, this will cost money, BUT, the government would be saving MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A MONTH by not having to support persons with disabilities, AND would also be MAKING money from the taxes that they would pay from being off of government assistance!. And this would also let up the stress on Medicare/Medicaid because we’d be on insurance from our work, so some of monies could be funneled back into this service which would keep people working and paying taxes, which helps the economy, which brings money back in the government which would be funneled back into this service. And eventually pay for it. And as far as the U.S. deficit? Well, you figure it out what this would do that……

And Forth: I’d suggest adding education about persons with disabilities in school EVERYWHERE, starting in kindergarten in cartoon film and coloring book form, and would get advanced in each grades levels all the up to college where it would really advanced and in depth. Let’s face it, what better way for the future business/company owners to be more acceptable of hiring us and society be more sociable with us. And this could eliminate the third plan, which would free up that money for the government and maybe funneled half of it in the transportation service.

If the government don’t want to do this, then they should quit cutting our stuff, and start giving us a $500/month allowance just for transportation upkeep when we have our own vehicle so we can be independent and free…

AMAZING UH? I wonder why no one thought of this?