Richard Anderson
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Richard Anderson
I'm Richard Anderson, aka AnderDawg.

Focus on the picture to the left............

If you saw me out in public, I bet you that you are first drawn to the fact that I'm in a wheelchair, and your first expression of me went down about 15%.... Right??

And if you are out going and friendly you'll probably stop to say hello only to find out I have a speech impairment, and you'll have a blank look morphed your face, and try to politely walk away without it being noticeable. (Yeah, we know :)). First expression dropped another 50%.

Truth is, if you'll keep talking to me, (and probably with others as well with a speech impairment), I'll become more comfortable, which I'll become more relax, which allows me/us to talk better. And you might find out that we are some of the smartest people that has been untapped in America. This just doesn't effect us in the society, it steeps into our chance to get employed which has a chain reaction on our life, and in your life even though you might not think it does. I'll get into that issue in my What Needs To Be Done area of this site.

Think about it, what if you were "disabled", and let's say you have a speech impairment, limited transportation, and you have the same mind and the job skills and/or talents you have now with the desire to work, HOWEVER, no one will give you a chance to put your job skills and/or talents to used, when you know darn good well you'd been (in my situation) working for almost 30 years and about to retire if you weren't............. "disabled". Not a very pleasent thought, isn't it?. But, still, in 2021, that's the reality in America.

Even though I'm not looking for a job anymore because of the declining of my health from being inactive due to the lack of tools that would let me and others have a full productive lives like American's. I'm hoping that this site will bring awareness to an issue, an issue that should've been dead in the late 90's - early 2000's.